The Arts Factor

Engaging Students and Enhancing Lives.

13b - Workshops & Master Classes

Arts Factor is a new initiative designed increase access to live performances at the Mendel Center Mainstage among under-served groups in southwestern Michigan. We work with local service organizations to identify young people, families, and seniors who would benefit from educationally and socially enriching activities.

Your tax-deductible contribution to The Mendel Center will underwrite tickets that unlock new avenues of creative thinking and social engagement for people of all ages in our community.

One example of how the Mendel Center Mainstage intends to make a difference in southwestern Michigan through the Arts Factor is by introducing live theater to young people who might not otherwise be able to experience high-quality touring productions designed specifically for them. Because of the Arts Factor, these young people will have new opportunities for imaginative thinking, cognitive and social skill building, and fun experiences that unite families. For many, this early exposure to live theater could also be the first open door to participation in and life-long support of the performing arts.