The Mainstage Playbill: Regional reach with an artistic flair.

Did you know 46% of national theatergoers report household income of $100,000 or more? If you’re looking for an effective way to reach potential customers like these, consider advertising in The Mendel Center Mainstage playbill.

The Mainstage season playbill is made available to each audience member as they enter the theater. As this prime group of local and regional patrons waits for the show to begin, they read the playbill for upcoming performance and theater information and, in the process, see your message.

Your Mainstage playbill advertisement:

  • Reaches consumers who have higher-than-average disposable income
  • Reaches consumers who seek out entertainment and social activities outside the home
  • Shows your involvement in supporting quality of life through entertainment in our community
  • Reaps benefits for up to 9 months – from summer 2015 to spring 2016

There is no conceivable way that any performing arts center can thrive – or even just survive – on ticket sales alone. The support of local businesses through playbill advertisements, show sponsorships, Premier Partner contributions and group sales are essential to the well-being of the Mendel Center Mainstage.

The Mainstage is more than high quality performing arts and entertainment. The Mainstage helps:

  • Improve the region’s quality of life
  • Strengthens community bonds
  • Inspires future generations
  • Promotes a global perspective
  • Supports growth through tourism
  • Helps build a stronger local economy.

To learn more about how to reach this important consumer audience, contact Autumn Pelkey, Mendel Center Operations Manager, at 269.927.8609.