Theater & Etiquette Policy

Program changes
All programs, artists, times, and dates are subject to change and depend on availability.

Cameras and recording devices
Photography, video, and other recording devices are contractually prohibited during Mendel Center Mainstage performances unless otherwise publicized.

All patrons must have a ticket, including lap-sitting infants and children. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times while in The Mendel Center. For the benefit of all patrons, children who cause disruptions or are unable to sit quietly may be asked to leave.

Emergency evacuation
In the event of a tornado or other severe weather warning, Mainstage patrons should move to their right and into one of the designated safe shelter areas shown on the map in the playbill. Patrons seated in the balcony should take stairs to the North Lobby safe shelter area designated on the map. Patrons in other areas of the building should follow instruction provided by The Mendel Center staff and volunteers.

In the event of fire, everyone in the building should proceed to the nearest exit and move out of the building.

If other emergency situations happen, such as power failure or other risk to personal safety, instructions will be announced.

Food and beverages
Out of courtesy to other patrons and to preserve the Mainstage and Hanson theatre facilities, food is not allowed in the theatres. Beverages are allowed only in LMC Mendel Center no-spill souvenir cups available for purchase in the lobby before select shows.

Late seating
Every effort is made to start performances at the published time. We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the show start time. Late arriving patrons will be seated only at times designated by the artists and their management, and may be directed to seats near the back of the theatre until intermission.

Noise, phones, and electronic devices
Out of courtesy to the performers and other patrons, the use of cell phones and other electronic devices is prohibited during performances. Please silence phones, pagers, alarm watches, and other distracting electronic equipment prior to the start of the performance. Also, please do not talk or whisper during the performances. This can also be disruptive to the performers and other patrons.

Personal responsibility statement
The Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College offers diverse programming. Not all productions will be appropriate for every person or all ages. Patrons are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the performances to make an informed entertainment selection decision.

Severe Weather
In the event of severe weather before a performance, the decision to cancel or have the show is dependent on a number of factors. If local law enforcement agencies declare a State of Emergency in Berrien County, The Mendel Center will postpone or cancel the show. Once the decision to cancel is made, ticket holders of record will be notified by email of the cancelation, and will be provided with information about ticket refunds or rescheduling information.

If you want to know if an event has been canceled, check the home page of and look for the red alert banner at the top of the page. An announcement will also be made on The Mendel Center’s Facebook page.

In the absence of a state of emergency declaration, the decision to have the show as scheduled will largely depend on if the performers and their equipment have safely arrived.

Many touring productions provide their own sound equipment and technicians. If you have a comment or suggestion, please tell your usher.

Tobacco-free and smoke-free campus
All Lake Michigan College campus locations and buildings, including The Mendel Center, are smoke-free environments. Smoking is defined, but not limited to, the act of lighting, smoking or carrying a lighted or smoldering cigar, cigarette or pipe of any kind, and/or “vaping” with e-cigarettes, mechanical personal vaporizers (MPVs), or atomizers. It also includes the use of any product intended to mimic tobacco products, contains tobacco flavoring, or delivers nicotine other than for purposes of cessation. Smoking is only permitted in personal vehicles. Please visit the Lake Michigan College web site for the full Tobacco-free Campus Policy.